@Real_Liam_Payne:Some things haven’t changed though I’m still great at spilling things down my shirt

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Anonymous asked: 21:Office job AU (hilarious shenanigans optional but encouraged), Lirry ;) jk, Ziam, obviously! :)


17-year-old Liam interning during the summer holiday, aha :P

Give me a Ziam AU meme and I’ll doodle something :)

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dailydoseofziam asked: 36: Xerox machine shenanigans AU :)


I’m not sure what happened…but there’s an old xerox machine somewhere, I swear!

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just took bae out on a date in paris, love ya 💖🍆💞

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liam has a thick dick i can feel it

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Niall and Liam singing I Gotta Feeling in Madrid.

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