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Anonymous asked: So my teacher who called himself daddy also gave me an A on a project I didn't do... He could get it.

oh my god im so jealous get that dick find out why he calls himself daddy

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i dont wanna be overdramatic or anything but living a life without liams and zayns nudes feels like a hundred thousand years in hell and the worst time of my life ever

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Anonymous asked: TONY I MISSED U


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Anonymous asked: From what video is this gif from? (your blog) post/87158087982/how-one-directions-meet-and-greets-should-be-like Thank you!!

no idea :(

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What’s better than this? Dudes image

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how one direction’s meet and greets should be like

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hello friends i am over straight boy i love myself now and im still looking for daddy

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filled under:  uni is still killing my time and fun and youthand bank account
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