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Anonymous asked: You're really cute haha

thank h bae

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Liam’s top 5 songs to make you smile.
1. I Don’t Trust Myself by John Mayer
2. I’m Yours by Jason Mraz
3. Thinking Of Me by Olly Murs
4. Who Let The Dogs Out? by The Baha Men
5. Happy Birthday! “Cos it makes everybody smile”

Zayn’s top 5 romantic songs.
1. Can You Help Me by Usher “a good tune”
2. You Got It Bad by Usher “Another good one”
3. Superman by Robin Thicke
4. Can U Believe by Robin Thicke “Anything by him”
5. So Sick by Ne-Yo

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“I beg to differ.”
— Zayn, getting Harry’s ass together when he said Liam always looks the same. (via juicyziam)

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Anonymous asked: aha :) lol u r not my payno.


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@fakeliampayne your username says you are fake and i guess i should’ve listened

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all i see is liams thighs, when i blink i see them when i close my eyes i see them when i scroll down my dash they are there when i open the fridge i see his thighs when i look out the window i see them when i look at the sky i see them i see clouds shaped like his thighs when i look at myself in the mirror they are there too liams thighs are everywhere

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